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47 Southbourne Avenue
PO10 8BB

If you have recently used my photography services you may leave feedback or a review for my business on my Facebook page for Martin Lewis Photographer. Alternatively, you can use my business listing on Trustpilot which I also strongly recommend to you. You can find my business Trustpilot review facility on the bottom most link on my website (see customer reviews page).

I keep my mobile phone at hand most of the time, but email or text is the easiest for me unless you need to call if it is urgent. Whilst I use it a little and mainly for my business, I would ask that you don’t message me via Social Media as I may not see your message.

If you are a current client and would like to contact me about your event or booking, or any other aspect, then please do get in touch via email , text or phone so that we can chat about the options and future dates and availability and such like.

If you are looking for a photographer for a future wedding, event or project, please feel free to get in touch ideally via email. I have a wide range of very affordable options for your wedding photography and can accept a future booking with a booking fee of just £100. I aim to offer new clients affordable options so as to reflect best value in these difficult times we are all experiencing. This approach is also particularly aimed at smaller and shorter weddings which we are a more common option for many clients at the moment.

I will typically always reply to emails quickly so that you know. I will always try and communicate with future clients who may, for instance, need to postpone or change their date or booking details. But please do communicate any plans or ideas about changing or postponing your bookings prior to making any rather than simply informing me of such changes. I would urge all future clients to liase directly with me if and when they are considering making such changes.


This is a synopsis of the privacy policy for Martin Lewis Photographer. You are welcome to read my full policy below and I would be delighted to answer any questions. This synopsis has been written for those of you who don't have time to read my whole statement but have some privacy questions you want answered in a few words. I am a sole trading individual photographer and have been trading as such from my base in Emsworth, close to Portsmouth and Chichester, since around 2002. Please do not confuse me with anyone else with the same name or other local photographers.

Your data is your property

All the data submitted by you using Martin Lewis Photographer is your property and cannot be used or sold by anyone other than you. Your privacy whilst using my photography services or making any enquiry with me is always my top priority. I will only ever use the data you have provided for the reasons you intended and I will always aim to work within the law and good practise recommendations.

Website for Martin Lewis Photographer

I use a secure website at to help protect any information you might supply to me online. Any account details you might set up on the website will only be used for the sole purpose of allowing you access to preview the photos I have presented to you and for contacting you in order to facilitate any given transaction or enquiry. Any credit card or debit card payment details you might enter will only be used via the third party of PayPal (who presently provide the payment gateway on my website) who also have their own privacy and data security obligations and policy which can be found on their website. Those payment details are not passed on to me and so I do not hold credit or debit card payment details for anyone.

Your data cannot be sold on

Your data gathered by Martin Lewis Photographer is owned by you and I am not legally allowed to take or share data, unless with the permission of you. You can, at any time, request that Martin Lewis Photographer removes any of your account or user details at anytime.

Use of photos

Most clients enter into a booking contract with me and there are explicit terms and conditions about a wide range of aspects, including my potential future use of my work for marketing and publicity purposes. Showcasing my work is how I generate new work and so is important to me. Should there be any reason you might wish me to refrain from using samples of my work that might feature you to publicise my recent work to generate my future bookings, you may raise this at any stage with me. Whilst photos are not specifically mentioned within the data legislation, it remains one of my core values that I work closely with individual clients and have respect for their individual wishes and requests. Please contact me to discuss any requests you might have along the lines of my use of my work to publicise my brand and business.

Martin Lewis Photographer does not share any clients details

The clients, enquirers or purchasers details are not shared with other businesses by Martin Lewis Photographer. A new enquirer may send their details knowingly to Martin Lewis Photographer solely to allow me to check my availability and send appropriate information out and likely to follow up that enquiry, but usually only on one or two occasions.

Martin Lewis Photographer is a well proven and trusted local business

Martin Lewis Photographer has been running a successful weddings, events, PR and commercial photography business for many years and holds sensitive and valuable data for many businesses, individuals and members of the public. My high security and privacy standards are some of the key reasons why I am so well trusted and respected.

I welcome any enquiry from a past or future client about privacy and data protection. You may also contact the Information Commissioners Office, who have powers to investigate compliance and enforce data protection law:

For more specific information, please look at my full privacy policy. This is presently being re drafted and will shortly be updated and a copy will be placed here.